Friday, June 7, 2013

The future of this blog

Well, the future of this blog does not look grim. Actually, I plan to post something every so often. Because of all the deadlines and tests that made my senior year grueling, I didn't have that much time to reach books for pleasure, as in outside reading. That's what I plan to do this summer. I want to keep my brain active this summer so reading is definitely big in my schedule. I won't be doing literature analysis in the summer but I will be doing summaries/viewpoints of the books I read. First on my schedule is The Great Gatsby. Although this is a literary book its also a book I enjoyed last year in Nylander's class and since the movie recently came out, I want to read it so as to compare it to the movie. Adios and await the analysis.


  1. Summer reading? You would do that Feli....

  2. I love to read :D I haven't had that much time during school because of homework so....!!

    1. That is true. School was very busy. I'm kind of a hypocrite, because I'm actually watching various movies over the summer that I never had time because of homework :x

      I can't judge your summer reading XD

    2. Yeah I'm not only reading but watching movies as well, catching up on shows, and studying to take my driver
      s ed exam. Busy busy summer